Monday, June 23, 2014

The Truth about Ice Cubes and Dogs Dying from "Bloat"

15 years ago my yellow lab was found to have the bloat around sunset and we made it to the vet just in time to first put in a giant syringe (sans plunger) which let some of the air come whistling out while she was put under and prepped for surgery to turn her stomach around and save her from the bloat.

More recently, a ton of internet nonsense has been circulating about how water, specifically ice-water or water with ice cubes, can give a dog the bloat and be fatal...

It's not true.

We can thank the news-business tactic of "news jacking" for getting the word out as just about every broadcaster in america is leading with a story debunking the "ice water bloat" rumors - Here is just one example from Memphis: