Thursday, November 26, 2009

Owl Found Stuck In Trap In Moodus

The Humane Society in Deep River says it cannot save an owl found in a steel-jaw leg-hold trap and will have to euthanize the bird

'Paws For Pets' 11/26

CBS 5 Morning News has teamed up with the Arizona Animal Welfare League to take a paws for pets

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Camels overrun Oz town

An Australian town is under siege from 6 000 wild camels

Business expanding for 40th anniversary

Turkey surgery

Turkey surgery

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Human Arthritis Therapy Used For Dogs

There s now a less-invasive non-surgical therapy for dogs that suffer arthritis

Find love...monkey style

Opposites attract according to new research which shows mandrills select mates according to their genetic dissimilarity

Flu Shots Going To The Dogs

For the first time flu vaccines are being offered in southwestern Pennsylvania -- to dogs

grey fox jpegs

grey fox jpegs

Foxy predator jangles urban henhouse

Wild animals often wander into neighborhoods on the edge of the city but one bushy-tailed critter is prowling in the center of Albuquerque perhaps in search of a chicken dinner

Thieves Target Dogs in Hurst

Three dogs were stolen within four days in one North Texas suburb Police say it will be difficult to find the family pets And one says his dog will most likely go blind if he s not found soon

Wild turkeys roam free, avoid ovens

Turkeys need to stick together this time of year This rafter of colorful birds was spotted on Grand Island Newstracker Ann Mikols used her camera to shoot these beauties in her backyard

Man's Best Friend is Also a Hero

A Fresno man got stuck underneath the floorboards of a house and nobody knew he was there until his family was alerted by the dog

Turkeys learn the truth behind Thanksgiving

SALT LAKE CITY ABC 4 News - Several hundred Utah turkeys got an education about the reality of Thanksgiving by ABC 4 s Chris Vanocur

Bee rebound

People were worried about the bee population but not anymore

See the River of Lights

The Albuquerque Botanic Garden is the scene of the seasonal River of Lights

Monday, November 23, 2009

Woman In Dispute With HOA President Over Rats

A Boca Raton woman shares a few words with the president of her HOA because he wouldn t let a roofer fix a hole where rats are coming in

City Proposes Tougher Vicious Dog Ordinance

The city of Des Moines wants to put more teeth into the vicious dog ordinance The big changes would affect dogs and their owners

Free spay and neuter program

The City of Austin is on a mission to spay and neuter every cat east of I-35 for free

Rescue Dog Now In Need Of Help

Help this dog find a home - seriously!

Hi everyone - check out this video very very sweet dog that needs a home all his shots and getting neutered have been taken care of he was found on the highway by a friend and is currently in a shelter if you can help out great

Mountain Lion Warning

Warning Signs go up at Fresno s Woodward Park

Pet Corner: Dakota

Dakota is a handsome boy with two beautiful eyes - one blue and one brown Dakota spent most of his three years living outside a lonely life for a dog

SPCA Featured Pet: Calvin

Calvin is just 1 year old so he s got lots of time left to love a new family He s a mixture of terrier breeds probably Jack Russell and rat terrier and he s got plenty of energy Won t you give him a chance Visit spca org or call 1-888-ANIMALS

Rescue a Pet: Oscar and Mona

Two Shitz Tzu puppies Oscar and Mona are looking for a new loving home

squirl video

squirl video

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adopting greyhounds

Dogs at Dairyland Greyhound Park are looking for new homes

Restless Planet

Restless Planet

Trooper barking to recovery

Trooper was abandoned and left to die in Foster by his owners Then volunteers stepped up and given him a much needed surgery to remove a mass tumor

Blind, deaf puppy looking for a home

Dog available for adoption at Crystal Creek Kennel

Loophole Allows Owners To Bring Pets Anywhere

10News reporter Rachel Bianco investigates San Diego s canine companion controversy and how it threatens the rights of people who are truly disabled

Pigs Gone Wild

Wild pigs in Mandarin have been damaging lawns

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Cat Giveaway At Ariz. Humane Society

The Arizona Humane Society is waiving the adoption fee in exchange for a small donation and giving away free cats through Monday

Wolf Urine Repels Coyotes?

A man claims a wolf can keep coyotes away from neighborhoods by marking its territory

Friday, November 20, 2009



Cats and dogs take a trip to get fixed

Twenty-four hours prior the pets in the truck were shipped away to Bloomington Ind to be spayed or neutered at a low cost

Lost dog returned to owners

A tiny dog and its owners are finally reunited after the dog miraculously survived three months in the woods of Franklin county Kathy and John Dunbar of Akron Ohio were on their way to visit a terminally ill relative when they lost their maltese poodle mix Mindy at a rest stop on the Mohawk Trail After searching for hours They lost hope

Canine lifeguard's: man's best friend

Swimmers who get into difficulty off the French coast may have some rather unusual rescue workers coming to their aid Over a dozen lifeguard teams using Newfoundland terriers are now in place with dog-handlers training their canine partners to help lead victims safely back to shore Duration 01 32

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SPCA Featured Pet: Gemma

Gemma is 11 months old and bursting with intelligence This terrier mix is so very friendly and eager to please especially if your e tempting her with treats Bring the whole family to meet her or find one of the other adoptable pets at www spca org or by calling 1-888-ANIMALS today

What's Happening

What s Happening

Vultures Invade Madison

MADISON -- Vultures started showing up in Madison a few weeks ago and residents are uneasy over their appearance

Deer Controversy in Fairfax County

There s a controversy in growing in Fairfax County over deer control methods The county is using its archery program again to help cull a growing deer population Now wildlife groups and others are up in arms

Family distraught after city euthanized dogs

Family distraught after city euthanized dogs

moneyreport11 18

moneyreport11 18

Woman says she will give up dogs

Ash Tree Removal Planned

City park board finds it s far more expensive to treat the trees than to remove

Golfers Cope With Geese In Land Park

Wandering geese made golfing a little more challenging Thursday in Sacramento s Land Park

Coyote Released Into Wild

Nebraska Wildlife Rehabilitation sent a Coyote back into the wild Tuesday after it was captured in Papillion

Canine trainer answers your questions on Midday

Canine trainer answers your questions on Midday

Turkey, Named Jive, Becomes Vet's Pet

Celina Woman Attacked By Dog

11 18 09 - A Clay County woman says she survived an encounter with two angry dogs thanks to the kindness of a stranger

Coyotes Attack Animals In North Valley

Animal owners are making sure their pets and livestock are safe from coyotes by locking them in at night

Rescued Kittens Still In Need Of Home

Six kittens were still in need of adoption after being rescued from a home in Mason

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Las Vegas Pets Must Now Be Sterilized

Las Vegas creates a controversial new law that will affect cat and dog owners

Carjacking Victim Searches For Dog

Coyotes Not Afraid Of Humans 11-19-09

Coyotes are getting bolder as they make the suburbs their home NewsChannel 9 s Kelly Quinn has more

Street Stories Video Blog 11/18

This week s Street Story will bring us to Scituate where there s a story behind an abandoned dog who s now looking for a new home

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HSUS works to balance wild horse population

Holly Hazard of the Humane Society of the United States talks about what the organization is doing to keep the wild horse population under control

New snow leopard at the NEW Zoo

Neil Anderson introduces us to the new snow leopard at the NEW Zoo in Suamico

Dogs Bring Money Into State Budget

HARTFORD -- You ve probably heard people complain about doggone taxes but have you ever heard anyone complain about taxes on a dog

'Irresistable' panda

A three-month-old panda at San Diego Zoo is named Yun Zi meaning Son of Cloud

Fostering Cats Is Not As Bad As It Seems

Fostering Cats Are Not As Bad As It Seems

Weare Police K-9 Diagnosed With Cancer

People in Weare are raising money to help treat a police K-9 recently diagnosed with cancer

Plum Business Workers Tell Of Deer Scare

Several deer smashed through the front window of an insurance agent s office in Plum on Tuesday afternoon

Calif. Panda Cub Named 'Son of Cloud'

Out of 6 300 suggestions San Diego Zoo managers have chosen a name for a baby panda born this summer Zoo officials announced that the 3-month-old black-and-white ball of fur will be called Yun Zi Nov 17

Fight Over Adopted Horses

Questions over Whether Cat Was Spayed

A cat is spayed so how in the world does she give birth to three kittens That s what her owner would like to know after paying to have the cat fixed

Friendly Feline No Distraction for Texas Cop

A Texas police officer had his patience tested Tuesday by a friendly feline The officer was writing a routine speeding ticket when curiosity appears to overcome the cat who climbs up the officer s leg his vest and eventually onto his head Nov 17

Dogs From Suspected Puppy Mill Found

13 dogs now safe at the SPCA after disappearing from a suspected puppy mill in Turley

Child Bit By Dog


Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats (7:30 a.m.)

Cat crawls onto officer's head while he tries to write a ticket

Hundreds of Rotting Deer in Yard Cause Big Stink

Hundreds of rotting deer carcasses in a southwestern Pennsylvania man s yard are causing a stink among the neighbors Nov 17

Herd moooves through Town of Boston

The cows came home a little late in the Town of Boston last night

Horses rehabilitated by prisoners

Prisoners have been putting their free time to good use by helping horses in need

Turkey Stopping Traffic in Brooklyn Park

Police have been trying to catch a traffic-stopping turkey in Brooklyn Park Minnesota

New Aqauarium exhibit

New Aqauarium exhibit

City Using Trash Bins To Battle Rats

Residents in Boston s North Allston-Brighton neighborhood got new trash bins in an attempt to control rodents in the city

Cat Climbs Cop At Traffic Stop

A cat and a cop go at it on the side of a highway Watch how the officer handled a traffic stop while dealing with a frisky feline

Rescued Puppy Makes Public Debut

Meet Soggy the third puppy pulled from a tunnel over the weekend

Buying a Dog Friendly Car

Most people look at things like how many miles to the gallon they ll get when they shop for new cars But a growing trend shows people are putting their pooches first when deciding on a purchase

Highway Patrolman Takes Down Deer

Dash cam video shows what sometimes happens when officers try to clear roadways

Giant Jellyfish Invade Japanese Waters

Japan s costal waters are being invaded by teeming masses of giant Jellyfish They can weigh up to 440 lbs and their umbrella can span more than 6 feet in diameter Nov 17

Chase the Dog is Pick of the Litter

Chase the dog is Pick of the Litter for Nov 17 2009

Pet fevers, colds and flu

Pet fevers colds and flu

Children create banners for zoo

Children create banners for zoo

Zoo Officials: Pandas Not Big Moneymaker

San Diego Zoo officials say despite the attention giant pandas receive the zoo is not profiting from the interest

Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center

FOX 10 s Cory McCloskey has a preview of the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center s Open House

Desert Tortoise

Dr Grey Stafford shows us a tortoise that s just a few days old

Monday, November 16, 2009

Charley meets Barack the baby elephant

How often do you get a chance to get up close and personal with elephants Let alone a baby elephant named Barack

Dash Cam Cat and Cop Face Off

Cops can expect to deal with difficult drivers during a traffic stop but what about a frisky feline

Big cats seek new homes in South Africa

Wanted new residences for homeless big cats Wildlife rescuers at one centre in South Africa are trying to rehome six wild caracals a species halfway between a lion and a domestic cat Duration 01 58

Curious Cat Climbs Texas Cop

A routine traffic stop in Texas tested one police officer s patience when a frisky feline decided he wanted to be part of the action

Police raid frees boy's missing dog

A young Albuquerque boy has been reunited with his beloved dog over a year after it disappeared and fell into the hand of someone who refused to give it up

Crazy cat video

Black cat and police officer become internet sensations

Mustangs To Be Put Up For Adoption

A group of mustangs that are getting healthy at the Grace Foundation in El Dorado County will eventually be put up for adoption

Stockton Residents Bugged By Flies

The buzz of flies is bugging people so bad in Stockton that pest controls are flying off the shelves at Ace Hardware

'Normandy Nessie' or misplaced manatee?

A Bay Area man says there s something strange in the water near his home swimming in a canal in Madeira Beach Biologists say it s a manatee but Russell Sittloh suspects something much worse

Massive Deer Kill Under Way

Hunters are thinning out the deer herd in Montgomery County

28 desert bighorn sheep released in NM mountains

state game officials take to the sky in an effort to relocate desert bighorn sheep the department of game and fish fired nets from a helicopter to round up 28 desert bighorns at the state s breeding facility near lordsburg once secured in a net -- each sheep was hauled to a processing area the capture can be a stressful process for the animal so game
minute thumbnail
06 16 pm officials cooled the sheep with water -- and in one case -- an ice-enima to keep the animal from overheating all the captured animals were fitted with tracking collars and released into the wild

Spanky the Llama Attacks Texas Man

One Texas man learned the hard way that not all llamas are completely peace-loving

Pet Corner: Peanut & Pawtucket

Peanut and Pawtucket arrived at DPVHS one month ago and while they arrived under different circumstances they have become best buddies

'Spanky' the Llama Attacks Texas Man, Shot

A Texas man is nursing his wounds after a llama goes on the attack latching on to his leg James Steele now has about 700 stitches to show for it Nov 16

Raw 10-ton Whale Beached on Chinese Shore

Rescuers in the Chinese city of Shanghai have been trying to move the body of a beached whale from the shore The whale weighting 10 tons was found beached by local fishermen last week Nov 16

FOX5 Pet Pals: Meet 'Lolly'

See how you can help this pup find a good home

SPCA Featured Pet: Braley

Braley may be a little shy at first but don t let that put you off This 8-year-old Australian Shepherd-cattle dog mix is all heart mixed with a heaping helping of personality If you d like to add Braylee to your family visit www spca org or call 1-888-ANIMALS today

Benin locals learning to live with wildlife

Pendjari National Park is Benin s green lung a biosphere reserve set aside along the border with Burkina Faso to protect west Africa s flora and fauna Though the park draws wildlife lovers from around the world generating tourism revenue it has not been easy for locals who have had to adapt their way of living Duration 01 54

Rescue a Pet: Daisy & Cisco

Two very cute puppies made it on the show today and are looking for a new home They are brother and sister chihuahuas Daisy and Cisco

Llama Attack Ends in 700 Stitches

James Steele knew llamas were ornery but he never expected Spanky to attack him Now he s got 700 stitches to prove how dangerous they can be

Pet Project: Wash Humane Society

On this week s Pet Project one that is perfect for a family looking for a new member Natalie Kahla with the Washington Humane Society joined us with her friend Peppy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bobcat Spotted In Back Yard Of NW Portland Home

The Stone family says they spotted a bobcat running up a tree in their backyard

Court battle over Neverland Ranch giraffes begins

A court battle opened this week over the future of four giraffes once owned by entertainer Michael Jackson Officials are trying to get them evicted from their new home near the shores of Lake Powell

Man Recoving from Llama Attack

A north Texas man is recovering after he was attacked by an angry llama It happened in the Hill County town of Blum

Foster Homes for Deployed Soldiers' Pets

When men and woman in the military are deployed they leave their families behind But one group is making sure the littlest members of their family are taken care of

Deer Driving Hazards

PennDOT says half of all deer car accidents happen during rut

Butterfly exhibit at the San Antonio Zoo closed for the winter

'Un-Bee-Lievable': 60,000 Bees Infest Home

Two seniors in South Florida spent the past three years dealing with more than 60 000 bees that made the roof of their house their home On Saturday an exterminator removed the large hive from inside one of the walls getting rid of the bees Nov 15

Pet Tip: Avoiding Dog Bites

Dogs are called man s best friend But even your best friend can sometimes turn on you In this week s pet tip find out what you need to know to avoid dog bites Paula Zukoff reporting

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Adopting a Rescue Pet

Looking to adopt a furry friend for your family The Homeward Bound Rescue Leasgue is a great organization that wants to help you find your perfect fit

Soay sheep to the rescue

Hardy sheep are being deployed by conservationists to tackle the growing problem of bracken on slopes above Derwent Reservoir

Baby elephant gets special party

Usually baby showers come before the baby enters the world but for a special baby at the Rio Grande Zoo her baby shower came two months after her birth

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wild dogs maul El Cerro Mission girl

Jasmine Flores could be released from University of New Mexico Hospital as early as Saturday after being mauled by a pack of wild dogs on Tuesday night

Biltmore Pet Store Opens

A new store is opening at the Biltmore just in time for holiday shopping and store owners are hoping it s a big hit for animal lovers It s a new pet store that helps animals by helping to fund the Humane Society

Wild Turkey Plays Chicken in Traffic

Something s gone fowl on the streets of Loudoun County Virginia A wild turkey has reportedly been on the attack in Leesburg along Route 7 playing chicken in the traffic and chasing cars

After the Dive at Aquarena

After the DIVE is a look at some scientific divers at Aquarena recently commenting on the increased flow conditions and aquatic life

Friday Dance Break - 11/13/09