Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Panda Pregnancy Watch

Cat Saves 97-Year-Old Woman From Burning House

Newest Natural Science Ctr. Creature Housed With Wolves

Watch Champion Frisbee-Catching Dog

ParkGrounds Offers Delicious Meals with a Dog Park

Pit bull attack

A 7 year old boy is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by 3 pit bulls The boy was riding his bicycle when the dogs who were not leashed or fenced up attacked

7/30/08 - Dogs attack Utah County men

7 30 08 - Dogs attack Utah County men

Raw 150 Wild Ponies Make Famous Swim

About 150 wild ponies are now recuperating after the annual crossing of the 200-yard channel between Assateague Island Maryland and Chincoteague The famous Saltwater Cowboys led the ponies through the streets of Chincoteague July 30

Pet Therapy Dog

New therapy dog makes rounds at the hospital every other week to visit countless employees and at least a dozen patients at a time


The newest inspiration for all-terrain vehicles is coming from some quick moving

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mosquito Bites Laced with EEE Sentences Horses to Death

Dog Euthanized After 'Daring' Rescue

Veterinarians euthanize a dog after it falls 100 feet off a cliff in the Columbia River Gorge

Check out the butterflies at the Botanic Gardens

Sniffing Out Drugs

Dogs cost 15 000 including training is brought to Charleroi to sniff out drugs

Problem With Bees

South Tampa homeowner has big problems with bees inhabiting his house

Mid-South Has Own Horse Whisperer

Pets Ready for Adoption - July 30

Big Cat Looking For A Home

Lanny Cleans Up Adopted Dogs for Better Curb Appeal

Calif. Residents Choose Between Homes or Pets

As a wildfire roars outside of Yosemite Nat l Park some animal lovers are being forced to choose between trying to save their homes or rescue their pets The blaze has destroyed dozens of houses and charred nearly 50 square miles July 29

7/29 - Don't Feed The Gators

Osprey nest stays amid new lighting at Va. Beach school

The nest sits high atop one of the old light towers at First Colonial High School When the new towers went up there was a clause in the contract to protect the birds and their nest

Dog found after a week in Idaho wilderness

Mark Johnson reports

Monday, July 28, 2008

Shark Week At Jenks Aquarium

Getting up close and personal with sharks at the Jenks Aquarium

St. Louis Million Dollar Shelter Makeover in Full Swing

Saving Dogs As Rescue Center Caught On Fire

Fire destroys an animal rescue in Luther owners and volunteers try to save what they can

Pet Population Control

Charley's World: Goes to the dogs

Happy Hour for Dogs

Turtle released to Cape Charles

Hampton was discovered at Silver Beach on June 23rd lethargic congested and sunburned by Va Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Talking About Heat Stroke

Local doctor explains and warns about the possible effects of heat stroke on animals offers advices on pet owners

Dogs, Cats, Bunnies Fill Playboy Mansion for Charity

Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/27 - Dog For Mayor


TOUCH! Amazing Rays & Sharks




Save Our Pets Food Bank Collects Food for Needy Pets

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pup’s Implant Gives Leg Up to Cutting Edge Surgery

New Baby Elephant

Pittsburg Zoo welcomes a new baby elephant

Booer- Lab Mix- East Shore Humane Society

Business starts cover charge

Kittens Ready For Adoption

Few kittens rescued from a block wall is ready for adoption

Rats! Pest problem in Uptown

A rat infestation earlier this week forced the Federal Reserve Bank on East Trade Street to close its onsite cafeteria Reserve officials said they believe construction on their building as well as other projects taking place nearby scared the rats up from the sewers

Horse Gets Prosthetic Leg

It is a happy ending to a story FOX16 first brought you more than a year ago A horse was so badly injured one of its legs eventually rotted off Now Lovey is getting around just fine thanks to a new prosthetic leg

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What to Look For When Adopting a Dog : 1 Should I adopt a puppy or a dog?

Should I adopt a puppy or a dog and 160

Snake in a yard

Dogs Saved From Burning Lake Oswego Home

Three dogs were saved from a burning Lake Oswego home Friday morning

Animals’ Sixth Sense Predicts Bad Weather

Monkeys Get Icy Treats At Zoo

7 25 08 - Cool treats are on the menu at the Nashville Zoo for the people and the animals

Tigard Neighbors Warned About Coyotes

Neighbors say a coyote attacked and seriously injured a cat in Tigard

Raw 14 Injured During Bull Run

A Mexico annual festival recreating a bull run similar to the Pamplona Bull Running festival in Spain left over a dozen people injured two gravely Twelve bulls are let loose in the streets of the village before being returned to the stable July 25

Snowball Case Costs Oregon $86,000

A court battle over whether a family can keep a deer named Snowball as a pet has cost the state 86 000

Turtle's Journey Caught On Film

After having a camera strapped on people get to see life under water -- from his eye view

7/24/08 - Logan woman survives bear attack in Alaska

7 24 08 - Logan woman survives bear attack in Alaska

Homeless Bobcat Moving To Montana

A domesticated bobcat finds a new home in Montana

RAW VIDEO: Turtle's Eye View

Discover the world through a turtle s eyes in raw video taken from a camera strapped to a turtle in Wethersfield

Flamingoes hatch at Denver Zoo

People at the Denver Zoo are jumping for joy after several flamingoes hatched there Thursday

The wolf pack is back

Wildlife groups have photographic proof that gray wolves have returned to the Washington Cascades KING 5 s Gary Chittim has more on the return of the wolves and what it means

7/24/08 - Dog used in WTC rescue dying from cancer

7 24 08 - Dog used in WTC rescue dying from cancer

Zoo Filez: New-Animal Quarantine


SPCA Featured Pet: Charlie

Understanding Dog Adoption : 1 Where should I go to adopt a dog?

Where should I go to adopt a dog

Bear Aware: Part One of Three

Sick Dog Adopted in Nanuet

A man says he adopted a puppy that became very sick with parvo-virus a highly contagious disease that can sometimes be fatal 7 23 08

Glimmer of hope for Botswana's rhinos

Africa s white rhinos were driven to the brink of extinction in the early 20th century as poachers hunted the animal for its horn A breeding programme launched in Botswana has been successful in bringing the white rhino back to Botswana s bush and it gives hope that black rhinos which are still seriously endangered may also survive

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Decide if a Dog is the Right Pet for You : 1 What type of commitment will I need to make when adopting a dog?

What type of commitment will I need to make when adopting a dog

Arson dog

Hemlock Pest Bugs Zoo

Officials at the Seneca Park Zoo said the downpour may have knocked some hemlock woolly adelgids off trees

Wildfest 2008

Bullfrogs and a fatal fungus

Search in Bear Attack Continues

Jelly Fish Invasion in the Hudson Valley

If you 39 ve spent any time at the beach this summer you may have noticed a serious jellyfish invasion with nbsp numerous reports of people getting stung 7 22 08

Zoo releases endangered turtles

Zoo releases endangered turtles FULL STORY

St. Louis Zoo Celebrates Zookeepers Week

Fox Fursday: Heaven-Sent Bulldogs

Fish and Chip: Mother Nature puts on a show

Baby Flamingoes

Where Did Your Dog Come From?

Video of day: Chimp escapes

Cats Rescued from Macomb Co. Home

Where Did Your Dog Come From? New DNA Testing Has Answers

Defunct bird sanctuary may soar back to life

Engine 21: K-9 unit

Buffalo Sighting

Uno visits the State Capitol

It s been five months since Uno the beagle won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club but he s still very popular
Wednesday he made a visit to the State Capitol where he was surrounded by cameras and kids who wanted to pet him
Uno is the first ever beagle to win Best in Show He is partly owned by an animal lover from Austin

Killer bees in CNY?: Your Stories Q&A 7/23/08

Have killer bees - also known as Africanized bees - reached New York State That s what Your Stories viewer Michele Dean of Erieville wanted to know

Bear sightings reported in Gastonia

A bear cub was spotted in the parking lot of Gaston Memorial Hospital and residents are worried the cub s mother may be lurking nearby

Nature's Way

Local woman shows how the chicken and peacock bonded together

Salon Uses Fish For Perfect Pedicure

Chicago Restaurant Law Allows Outdoor Doggie Dining

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

'Dogs On Parade' Hits Streets Of Hillsboro

Some of the cutest dogs in town gather for the third annual Dogs on Parade

Geese Reported Missing At Tualatin Park

A fisherman says he found several goose carcasses stabbed or mutilated

Apiarist Specializes In Improving Bee Numbers

7 23 08 - The state s bee specialist in working to improve Tennessee s dwindling numbers

Anglers asked to not leave tackle behind 7/22/08

Imagine having two fish hooks lodged in your throat and stomach Cornell University researchers say that s what happens to wildlife like ducks when anglers leave used hooks behind

7/22 - Special Assignment: Zoo Needs Help to Stay Open

Lost horse could be running out of time

Lost horse could be running out of time FULL STORY

Neighbors spot bear

Residents say they re used to visitors around the area but this guy was different

Top Dog

Stem Cell Research Helping Dogs

A new treatment for dogs with joint problems is being tested that uses stem cells and the discovery could lead to other treatments as well

Clovis Horse Tests Positive for West Nile Virus

This is only the third horse in California to test positive for West Nile Virus this year The animal was euthanized

Bear Injures Two People in the South Valley

A man and woman were attacked by a bear about 20 miles east of Bakersfield on Tuesday

Cattle Shows All Week

Mornings are time for livestock shows here at the State Fair Today it was the open competition for a few different breeds We checked out this showmanship contest that featured several young cattle handlers showing the judge what they could do In this class a 13-year-old girl from Upham walked away with first place - with an animal named Prime Rose She says she has shown cattle since she was seven and has been working with Prime Rose for a year So does she get nervous It s nervous but you really want to win But after all of it you just most have fun Tomorrow morning brings the 4-H and FFA Horse Show and the Junior Steer and Heifer Show at the livestock barns

Caught on Camera: Dog Lunges Out of Car To Bite Police Officer

Shih Tzu 'Bless You' Free With Owner's 'Green Paws'

RAW: Bear captured near North Bend

A Department of Fish and Wildlife officer successfully captured a black bear Monday in the Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest SkyKING pilot Brandon Hiller and two of his friends helped carry the bear out

Bi-Polar Bears?

Porter the puppy needs a home

Porter is a 3-month-old puppy looking for a home from the animal shelter

He s part Beagle but they re not sure how big he s going to get

He s already housebroken and he loves to sit in laps

Lane County Animal Serivices Pets

Special Deal Adopt a buddy Two for the price of one

Animal blood banks low on supply

ACCES Blood Bank is one of only two animal blood banks in Western Washington Right now the demand is outstripping the supply KING 5 s Jane McCarthy reports

Bear Cub In Rehab, Rescued By Firefighter

Monday, July 21, 2008

Animals can be victims of foreclosure too

Pet Oxygen Masks Donated To Swartz Creek

Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death for pets caught in fires

Sake 101

Hip Dysplasia in Pets

One-Tank Trips: Sea Center Texas


Foreign bug makes new home in Salt Lake area

A new bug has made its debut in Salt Lake this year In fact it s the first time it s been seen in all of North America

Firefighter Rescues Bear Cub From Wildfire

Are You Taking Same Medications As Your Pet?

Helmsley the weather dog: Outdoor walking forecast

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Butterflies flock to park in Utica as students help to restore their habitat

UTICA - Butterflies are flocking to Proctor Park in Utica as local fifth graders help to restore the butterfly s habitat

29 cattle die after tractor trailer accident in Rome

ROME - According to Oneida County Sheriff s Deputies at about 4 31 a m on Monday Carmen J Smith of Sebringville Ontario was operating a tractor trailer loaded with 100 cattle in an Easterly direction on Route 365 in the outer district of Rome when he took the Route 26 off ramp headed into the City of Rome

Green Township Man Injured in House Fire; Pet Dog Rescued

Black Dog Syndrome: Dark Color Hinders Adoption

Rabid Bats Found In Nashville

7 21 08 - Two bats collected in the Green Hills area of Nashville in the past few weeks have tested positive for rabies

Store: Man Caught On Tape Stealing Puppy

A man was caught on tape stealing a puppy from an Olathe Kan pet store the store manager says

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cows in North Dakota

Milk production in North Dakota in April May and June totaled 107 million pounds that s down 8 percent from the same period last year The Agriculture Department says milk produced per cow was up from the same period a year ago But the average number of milk cows in the state during the quarter dropped to 27 000 the lowest total on record Nationwide milk production in the second quarter was 48 7 billion pounds up just under 3 percent

Friday, July 18, 2008

Petting Zoo

If you love going to the zoo but want to get closer to the animals then the State Fair has just what you re looking for Hedrick s petting zoo is located by the main entrance of fairgrounds where you can get up close and personal with over 20 species of animals for free If you want you can even stick your hand right in the cage and feed any of the animals for just one dollar The petting zoo has kangaroos a camel ride pony rides and much much more It has a lot of the same animals as other zoos but you can get right in there with these friendly creatures Monte McClurge Petting Zoo Manager Every kid loves to pet animals and what makes ours pretty fun is that we have such a wide variety that a lot of adults come in here and are really amazed at all the different animals getting right up close to you I mean we ve got stuff in here you ve never heard of I think Every animal here loves people every person they meet feeds them loves pets on them so they learn to love people really quick The petting zoo is right over there and is open from 11am to 9pm every day

Woof: Dog Show comes to H-town

The Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows runs through Sunday at Reliant Center 11 News photographer Bob Luna takes you around to meet some of the contestants

7/18/08 - Utah wildlife officials hunt curious bear in Summit County

7 18 08 - Utah wildlife officials hunt curious bear in Summit County