Monday, June 16, 2008

Jungle Joe Meets the Penguins

He graduated from zoo camp last week - and now Jungle Joe is visiting his friends with the largest cement pool at the Roosevelt Park Zoo Jungle Joe KX News Jungle Joe - for the birds today but not the kind that fly Today we take a look at the black footed penguins Just after 10am its rise and shine time for these little penguins I showed up just as they all came waddling out all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Sarah Schoenberg Bird Reptile Zookeeper Currently right now we actually have 11 penguins on exhibit but we actually have 5 more in quarantine right now so we ll have 16 penguins quite soon They all have their own individual names and their own individual personalities We have bands on them you ll notice they have bright colored zip strips cable ties on their arms That tells us if they re a boy or a girl Unless you work with them everyday like I do almost it s hard to tell them apart unless you re with them continuously Jungle Joe KX News Showing up early enough - I had the chance to witness Roosevelt Park Zoo s very own version of March of the Penguins They were a bit on the quiet side at first - but I soon found out these penguins had a LOT to talk about Penguins making a donkey-like sound Sarah Schoenberg Bird Reptile Zookeeper They re talking right now they re yelling at each other right now They were just fighting a second ago They probably had a little quarrel over a spot Location is the biggest thing with them They re always protecting their nest and protecting their location so they do fight over it They have a bray-like sound like a donkey when they re calling their mate or announcing this is my spot stay away from it Jungle Joe KX News When they re not picking out their prime real estate you ll find them living the comfortable life complete with 2 fish dinners a day and a 30 thousand gallon pool that they ll swim in on warmer days - it was a bit too cool for this guy to dive in today So come out and talk with the penguins Penguin talking this summer at the Zoo For KX News I m Jungle Joe

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