Monday, June 23, 2008

Jungle Joe Meets the Monkeys

His segment was for the birds last week and now Jungle Joe is visiting the primates but this isn t the monkey business you might be expecting Jungle Joe KX News Jungle Joe exploring the primates today There s not a whole lot of monkey business out here - it is more or less ape business The world of primates at the zoo is an active one Whether they re are running playing and getting a little exercise or just relaxing enjoying a nice summer day - they re always putting on a show for their visitors Dana Pritschet Zoo Director Our primates outside we have two species of apes We have the siamang gibbons and the white handed gibbons and then we have the ruffed lemurs as well Our apes and our lemurs are definitely the most chatty Our siamang gibbons if you come down and see them they have a voice pouch or an air pouch that amplifies their sound Some of the apes can be heard up to 5 miles away WHITE HANDED GIBBON APE HOWLING Jungle Joe KX News No matter where you are in the zoo - you can always hear that guy talking If you don t happen to catch them talking when you come out - you ll most likely see them having one of their meals or just a daily snack a very tasty looking snack Dana Pritschet Zoo Director The primates eat fresh fruits and vegetables and we also feed them a thing called monkey chow as part of their diet Their food is definitely edible wonderful fruits and vegetables They love it Jungle Joe KX News Even though they may eat monkey chow whatever you do don t make the same mistake I did Don t call these primates monkeys Dana Pritschet Zoo Director Look at the monkeys Well actually we have apes here The white handed and the siamangs are apes The best way to tell a monkey from an ape monkeys have tails and apes do not Jungle Joe KX News but I DID know that these lemurs weren t monkeys I m trying to give myself SOME credit here So if you re looking for an exciting place where the primates play from the lemurs to the white handed gibbons and the siamang gibbons they re all here waiting to visit you at the Roosevelt Park Zoo For KX News I m Jungle Joe

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