Monday, June 9, 2008

Jungle Joe Goes to Zoo Camp

Joe Goldade has been sent away to camp this week zoo camp that is He joins the ranks of the preschool explorers at the Roosevelt Park Zoo in this week s edition of Jungle Joe Jungle Joe KX News Jungle Joe back out here at the Roosevelt Park Zoo learning about the rain forest the animals in the rain forest and the animals here at the zoo at one of the exciting day camps It turned out to be a cool rainy day - but that didn t stop the zoo campers or myself from lining up for our adventure especially since this was my first time at zoo camp We took a stroll over to the discovery barn and entered what looked like a rain forest Becky Dewitz Roosevelt Park Zoo Zoo Camp is a program that we ve been doing now for over 15 years This year s theme is Rain forest Discover the Riches so the kids are going to be learning about rain forest animals the ecology of a rain forest and how you can sustainably use a rain forest and insure it s conservation Jungle Joe KX News To open today s camp I helped sing along to Rain forest Animals Kids singing on key Joe singing slightly off key Some snakes slither right in the middle Some animals crawl on the ground like Jaguars Becky Dewitz Roosevelt Park Zoo It s open for ages 2 years old all the way up to 6th graders We even have a snore and roar which is an overnight camp for 3rd to 6th grade kids It s a lot of fun we included more sessions this year for people because the demand has been so great over the years The kids get to come out and learn about the rain forest have an up close encounter with one of our animals they also do art projects they get a t-shirt and a snack as well Jungle Joe KX News One of my favorite parts of the camp session was the close up with a rain forest animal Today we meet peanut Becky Dewitz Roosevelt Park Zoo I have with me today Peanut Peanut is a chinchilla Chinchillas are the softest animal in the world and they re actually considered to be a rodent He has to take his bath using a dust bath Watch what he s doing He s rolling around in the dust That s a pretty different way from how we clean our bodies He s using dirt to clean his body That s a lot different than what we do Jungle Joe KX News So that s just a quick peek into what happens here at the camp - very exciting I learned that a little dirt bath may help out from time to time I m going to go try it From the Roosevelt Park Zoo I m Jungle Joe The zoo has plenty of openings left for their summer camp - call the zoo office at 857-4166 for more information

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