Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Possible Mountain Lions in Bismarck

A Bismarck man says a mountain lion is stalking animals right outside of town Kyle Bergquist says his two horses have been injured by what looks like a mountain lion Bergquist lives east of town near McDowell Dam Last night he found his horses a ten day old foal and a pregnant mare scratched up pretty bad and bleeding Bergquist explains why he thinks it was moutain lion that did this Kyle Bergquist The way this horse has got actual puntures on the top of thehind where a mountain lion will actually sink his claws into Not only the scratches on the side of the horse from pulling backwards but there s also up and down horizontal and vertical ripping on the horse Neighbors have told Bergquist they ve seen evidence of cats in the area Kyle Bergquist The bottom line what I wanted to make it doesn t get taken very lightly because next time it may not be just bandages and bleeding it may be something much worse be it horse or human The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is continuing to investigate the report As of today they can not confirm the horses were injured by a mountain lion

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