Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lions Attack

An investigation into a possible mountain lion attack gives a Bismarck horse owner an answer he s not willing to accept The North Dakota Game and Fish Department says a mountain lion did not attack a horse near Bismarck So what may have tore up a horse Donnell Preskey has the story If you think Kyle Bergquist was sick when he found his pregnant mare all scratched up you should hear what he has to say now Kyle Bergquist My horse was attacked they can call it whatever they want but it was not a tree Bergquist called the North Dakota Game and Fish Department Wednesday about a possible mountain lion attack He lives just a few miles of Bismarck However Randy Kriel says a mountain lion did not do this to Saba Randy Kreil the wounds on the animal are inconsistent with a mountain lioin attack they attack the head and the neck not the rear and the belly Jeremy Duckwitz Horse attacked by lion usually large chunks of flesh hanging off and large gaping wounds When those claws dig in they don t let go This report has 11 reasons listed why Wildlife officials say it was not a mountain lion attack Here s Game and Fish s explanation for the horses injuries Kreil there are instances where horses can jockey back and forth and if something run into sharp objects taht can happen - trees in pasture heigth of animal that scenerio is more likely Berquist IF it was a tree where s the blood Bergquist is skeptical of the Game and Fish s investigation but Kreil says they have no reason to cover up a mountain lion attack Kreil public needs to know if in fact mountain lions in area no reason down play the fact if in populated area if there is we would take the lead to deal with situation Kreil says if they don t get it right they loose credibility In Bismarck Donnell Preskey Bergquist doesn t agree with the Game and Fish s investigation He says the people should decide on their own

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