Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lead Study in Wild Game

A new study hopes to find the exact danger of lead in wild game The North Dakota Health Department and Center for Disease Control will conduct a survey starting this Friday They are looking for people who have consumed wild game and those people who do not eat wild game This stems from a recent survey that showed there was lead present in venison donated to food pantries Doctor Steve Pickard an epidemiologist with the state health department says in North Dakota they sampled ninty-five pieces of meat After the testing they found small traces of lead Dr Steve Pickard ND Dept of Health Now the affects of lead are cewrtainly worse for smaller children They can cause permanent brain injury behavioral problems loss of intelligence But even for adults there is evidence of long term problems that are caused by lead High blood pressure is an example Blood samples will be taken at clinics and public health units throughout the state For a complete list of places you can go to take part in the survey log onto www ndhealth gov

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