Monday, May 19, 2008

Jungle Joe and the River Otters

One of the newest exhibits at Minot s Roosevelt Park Zoo is also one of the most popular with visitors And it s naturally a place that Joe Goldade wants to visit Here s this week s edition of Jungle Joe at the zoo Jungle Joe KX News We re out here again at the Roosevelt Park Zoo today one-on-one up close and personal with the north american river otters It s time to get in Inside the zoo it s just a short walk over the river and you re in otter territory The first thing I noticed as I got closer is that these little star swimmers are ready to perform for their audience right from inside their home on the north end of the zoo Brandi Clark Veterinary Technician The otters have been here for about four years and it s been pretty exciting because they re our only actual aquarium type exhibit That s really interesting especially for the kids They get up right in the window and they can be face to face with those otters They are so interactive with the public and that s the hugest draw for the zoo When you come over the bridge and see you see that big mountain you say What s that and you go over and you can see them swim and interact with each other and it s great Jungle Joe KX News Brandi says she doesn t think of her job as taking care of otters instead it s more like babysitting active playful little kids Brandi Clark Veterinary Technician During the day you ll catch them probably in the afternoon they re sleeping a lot of the time They can be kind of lazy - they are so active that they burn a lot of their energy off They re kind of like little kids I call them our two year olds because that s what they act like They busy all the time and then all of a sudden they re done and they re sleeping Jungle Joe KX News At this point you re probably wondering So why don t you get in and take a swim with them Joe Well here s why that s not going to happen Brandi Clark Veterinary Technician They look cute and cuddly but they are mean They say when an otter bites down they bite down until the bones crush Jungle Joe KX News Keeping my bones in tact I decided to watch from outside of their exhibit I also noticed that even though they ve been swimming the entire time I ve been there the otters look absolutely dry Brandi Clark Veterinary Technician The water repelency of their fur is probably the best part about them They get out of the water and you can see the water droplets just roll off of their fur They can rub around in the grass and they re dry in like less than a minute Jungle Joe KX News and the north american river otter exhibit I think is one the neatest exhibits here because you can be face to face with the otters themselves anytime you re out at the zoo I m Jungle Joe out at the Roosevelt Park Zoo

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