Monday, May 19, 2008

Home on the Range

It s a huge donation and they say it will change their herd forever Reporter Sarah Gustin takes us out west to Home on the Range to show us just what they re getting ready for Greg LaBelle Home on the Range Herdsman WE WANT TO GET A YOUNGER HERD AND BETTER GENETICS And with a little help that is exactly what Home on the Range is getting The genetics of their cattle herd will soon be seeing some improvement because of two generous donors Jim Arthaud is supplying nearly 70 black angus embryos And Heart River Genetics is donating the work Jolene Obrigewitch Home on the Range THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE FOR HOME ON THE RANGE I MEAN THERE IS GOING TO BE ALOT OF THINGS THAT ARE GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THIS The embryo transfer that costs nearly 4-thousand dollars isn t going to cost this home a thing Not only is Arthaud donating the embryos but he is also covering the extra costs that come along with the project Greg LaBelle Home on the Range Herdsman WE WERE EXCIITED BECAUSE WE DON T HAVE TO PUT ALOT OF FEED INTO THEM HE HAS OFFERED TO PAY FOR ALL THE MEDICATIONS ALL THE EMBRYOS IMPLANTS ALL THE CREEP FEED HE HAS OFFERED TO PAY FOR ALL THE TAGS AND EVERYTHING TOO I MEAN IT HELPS US ALOT BY CUTTING DOWN ON EXPESES ALSO Obrigewitch says they receive a large portion of their funding from the state but the income from their farm and what they receive from donations is what really keeps Home on the Range going She says the kids aren t required to help but working on the farm is one of their favorite things to do She says some of the favorites are feeding calves and hauling square bales And LaBelle says he always has plenty of help Jolene Obrigewitch Home on the Range WE ARE HOPING WE ARE GOING TO KEEP THE HEIFERS AND THEN WE WILL BE REGISTERED AND SO IT IS ANOTHER EXPERIENCE FOR HOME ON THE RANGE AS FAR AS THE REGISTERED CATTLE AND GETTING THE KIDS INVOLVED WITH KEEPING TRACK OF ALL THE RECORDS Greg LaBelle Home on the Range Herdsman THE MORE WE GET THE KIDS INVOLVED IN THE FARM PROJECT DOWN HERE THE BETTER IT IS In Sentinel Butte Reporting for KX news I am Sarah Gustin Heart River Genetics is planning on transfering embryos next week

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