Monday, May 5, 2008

City To Start Trapping Bugs

It will be bug collection on a massive level Minot s Forestry Department is teaming up with Minot State this summer to do a first of its kind bug survey in the Magic City Today crews were setting up twelve bug traps at six locations in and around Minot They will hang and attract the different species of bugs with light levels of a specific pheromone that it will emit Hanley says the main concern is with new beetle species that may be coming to the area that could harm trees Once the one-hundred day study is complete the Forestry Department and Minot State will have a better grasp on just what exactly is out there Guy Hanley - MSU Science Professor We are trying to get baseline data because we have some different species that are invasive so we need to get an idea of what is here first so then when something does show up we can know if it is something new and invasive that is coming in Hanley asks us all to stay away from the traps if we see them and he also says we can expect to see the little critters soon A cool spring has meant little in the way of bugs in the area but warming temps should bring them out in the next few weeks

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