Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bull in the Basement

Animals stumble each and everyday And we usually don t think much about it But reporter Sarah Gustin takes us into a pasture where one bull s fall is getting some national attention It s a rancher s job to care for his animals each and everyday But what one producer did for a bull in needwent far below and beyond the call of duty Gary Schumacher Found the BulI I looked down into the basment I could just see his eyes looking up at me and that is all could see And the only thing that came to my mind did he hurt himself is he down there lame or whatever and I wanted to find out Jeanne Schumacher Author He came in yelling there is bull in the basement there is a bull in the basement and I said there is a bull in the basement thinking you know like a popcorn bowl I ddn t get it You would expect to find a bull in a pasture But six years ago a bull stumbled into an abandoned farmhouse basement on the Schumacher ranch And when you have an animal that weighs more than one thousand pounds in your basement it s something that is worth putting down on paper Jeanne Schumacher Author So it was kinda a unique experience and so a couple months later someone said you konw that would make a great children s story and I thought you know it would And that is exactly what Jeanne did The story of one bull falling into an old abandoned farm house basement is now becoming a North Dakota legend Schumacher says she has wanted to publish The Bull in the Basement for years And now she finally did Sarah Gustin KX News The basement of the home that the bull actually fell into is the house right behind me Gary Schumacher Found the Bull No he wasn t hurt at all he was just haha I think more afraid of what happened to him Gary says they have had cattle in that pasture for years and that they have never bothered the house He says this bull must have just been a little more curious Jeanne Schumacher Author The next morning of course they came out with the bulldozer and they started to dig beside the house and eventually the bull did made a lttle bit of a hole to start with we could see his nose coming through then all of a sudden If you are wondering how the story ends I guess you will just have to read the book to find out In Napoleon reporting for KX news I am Sarah Gustin The Bull in the Basement is available at Napoleon Drug and Xlibris com

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