Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Invasive Fish Species Spreading in Arkansas

State officials say an invasive fish species from Asia has been identified in Lee County

'Dancing with the Dogs' Twirls into Worldwide Sensation

6-Foot-Long Snake Found In Neighborhood

A big snake moved into a Kansas City neighborhood near East 22nd and Tracy Avenue on Wednesday residents said

Rabid Bat Found In Southeast Portland

A resident in a southeast Portland home found a bat infected with rabies Thursday

Animals Rescued

Diabetes Drugs/Sharing Medicine/Dogs & Asthma

Police officer kills dog

A Tulsa police officer says he had to kill a pitbull that was trying to attack him

Decision on polar bears must be made within 16 days

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elephant tackles football

Footballing elephant on the ball tackles better than professional footballers says keeper Lewis

Cincinnati Zoo Rhino Celebrates First Birthday

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick Swan Stolen From Pond

A black swan stolen from a golf course will die without proper care

Roto-Rooter rescue

Dog Found 8 Days After Explosion

A Springer Spaniel that had been missing since a Breckenridge building explosion on April 19 was found alive Sunday buried in the rubble 7NEWS reporter Russell Haythorn explains

Sea Lion Take Over

Marine and Dog He Rescued in Iraq Reunited in U.S.

Abandoned pets on the rise

The number of pets abandoned in the UK has risen by 23 per cent - the RSPCA s top vet responds

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

World's Ugliest Dog is back

34 Pets Up For Adoption

4/25 - Shark kills swimmer off coast of Southern California

Penguin wetsuit

A balding penguin has been saved from the cold by a mini wetsuit

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Memorial Grows At Fletcher Cove For Shark Victim

Some who didn t know Dr David Martin brought bouquets to Solana Beach to honor his memory

Friends Recall Shark Attack Victim As Avid Outdoorsman

The shark attack victim Dr David Martin was well-known and respected in Solana Beach where he practiced veterinary medicine

Peacock Wanders Into Man's Home

4/24/08 - Peregrine falcons seen on live web cam

4 24 08 - Peregrine falcons seen on live web cam

Crew Bear-ly Survives Jungle Terry Visit

Stefani Stunned as Baby Bear Goes Potty

Kangaroo Kountry: Up Close and Personal

Dog Attack Hearing: Live Or Die?

Determining the dogs that attack two boys will live or die pet owners ask for chance

Humane Society


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sea Lion Trapping Begins On Columbia River

State agents have begun trapping Columbia River sea lions for relocation mainly to zoos to keep them from eating endangered salmon

Raw Baby Giraffe Makes Its Debut

A baby giraffe made its first public appearance today at a zoo in Germany The giraffe only has been able to take its first steps since the weather has gotten warmer April 24

911 Call Released From Movie-trained Bear Attack

The bear that mock attacked Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro has done it for real killing his trainer Officials released the urgent calls for help to try to save the man April 23

Dog Rescued From Island Comes To Vegas

A dog left behind by its owners on an island is rescued by a Las Vegas man who had just lost his dog of 15 years

The Lion King Comes to Atlanta Civic Center

Video of the Day: Baby Giraffe's first steps

Woman Hacks Dog with Ax

Good News: Feeding the Ducks at Webster Pond 4/23/08

Recovery For Pet Clinic Fire

Hospital staffs and pet lovers gather to cope with the loss of their pets

Recovery: Dog Attacks Child

Child severely injured is back home for recovery

4/23 - Pranksters stash zebra inside Emory University's Seney Hall

Paradise Pet Hospital Safety

Owner of local animal hospital that caught fire moves on

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Animal Control Proposal

A plan to get more dogs and cats out of animal control is waiting approval from the city

‘Cola’ Sits On Doggie Death Row

The pit bull was rescued just a few weeks ago from an abandoned house but now his owner wants him back

Doggie Saved by CPR

CPR Saves Lives Even Doggie Lives

Raw Alligator Makes Self at Home

A 69-year-old Florida woman finds an 8-foot alligator in her kitchen apparently finding its way inside through a sliding glass door left open A trapper removed the gator which cut itself when a plate fell to the floor April 22

Snickers Rescued From Pacific Island

Snickers Rescued From Pacific Island

Head Stuck Cat Comes Down

Stuck for days three stories up in a tree little Mowgli finally got free

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bee aware we need money

Threats to Britain s bees could hit your pocket

Leawood Residents Report Coyote Attacks

Officials in a Johnson County city are taking action after coyotes attacked several dogs

Escondido Considers Identifying Aggressive Dogs

City officials in Escondido are considering new regulations including a proposal to use the internet to identify dogs with a history of aggression

Have your pet spayed or neutered-- and save

Dog & Sheep Are Best Friends

A story of inseparable friends

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FOX5 PetPals: Mary

Mary an uncut Doberman Pincher is the latest to join the FOX5 PetPal family

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pet News Video

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dog Abandoned By Stranded Family Comes To Vegas

A dog abandoned by a family that could not take it on a cruise ship is on its way to be adopted by a man in Las Vegas

Dog Getting The Point

Dog covers in quills is rushed to veterinary hospital

Big Birds In Small City

Black vultures gives trouble to t v power plant who provides good electricity to Tennesseans

Abandoned Pup Rescued From Remote Island

A cocker spaniel named Snickers was rescued from a remote island in the Pacific Ocean His stranded owners were forced to abandon him when their own rescuers refused to take the dog onboard the rescue boat April 18

Local Dog Reacts to Earthquake

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Python grabs pet store owner

A 12-foot Burmese python nbsp grabbed a pet store owner and started swallowing her hand A Eugene police officer and other emergency personnel rescued the woman and returned the snake to its cage

Teens Injure Goose, Destroy Eggs

A Canada goose may lose the use of one of its eyes after two teens attacked it with rocks and destroyed its eggs Wednesday police say

Pet Premonition: Can Animals Predict Quakes?

Hundreds of Hoosiers report flaky animal behavior before during and after an earthquake shook much of the Midwest including Indiana

Scot Announces Sea Lion's New Name

MYSTIC -- After receiving thousands of suggestions a name is picked for a sea lion at the Mystic Aquarium

Puppy Mill Problems

Advocates fighting to clean up puppy mills in Lancaster County say their efforts might be working

4/17 - Concern over Cows

Batman and Robin, Fox Best Friends 4-18-08

How Pet Food Is Made

What s in your pet s food and how is it made

For the latest and most current veterinary news visit www MyVNN com

Pit Bulls In Quarantine

Pitbull attacks two boys some people ask to ban those dogs

4/17 - Arrests made for cattle killings

Drug and Explosive Police Dogs Undergo Training

AP Top Stories

Here s the latest news for Thursday April 17th Pope Benedict leads Mass in Washington Suicide bomber kills 50 in Iraq AP-Yahoo poll indicates McCain is attracting voters Wild Turkeys take over Wisconsin neighborhood

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Police Dog Catches, Bites Burglary Suspect

Man Who Jumped Off Bridge With Police Dog To Stand Trial

A man who jumped off the Coronado Bridge with a police dog is going to stand trial Digital correspondant Michael Gleeson obtained the video of the incident shown in court Thursday

Take a look under the sea

Dress Your Dog in Style

K9 Unit Donation

Pit Bulls Attack Five-Year-Old Boys

Gas worker is being called as hero after saving two boys attacking by pitbulls

Cincinnati Zoo Bearcat Needs a Name

Raw Baby Polar Bear Debuts

Wilbaer makes his debut at a Stuttgart Germany zoo the latest polar bear cub to make a showing The 4-month-old cub spent some times outdoors and in the water with his mother Corinna April 16

Second Chance for Love Animal Adoptions (7:50 a.m.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Torrington To Help Dog Group Find Another Site

It seems Torrington officials cannot agree on where to put a proposed dog park

Mother Speaks About Pit Bull Attack On Son

The mother of a victim of a pit bull attack talks about her feelings following her son being injured

Pit Bulls Attack Two Boys

Two five-year-old boys are in the hospital after vicious pitbull attacks

Pit Bull Attacks Children

Two children are attacked by dog one is in critical condition

Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Children Attacked By 2 Pit Bulls

Bobcat on the Loose in San Antonio

Proposal Would Ban Pit Bulls In Upstate City

A proposal to ban pit bulls in the city of Anderson is pitting council members against some strong opposition

Let It Rip: Dog Insurance in Lynn?

WEATHER DOG: Helmsley's Dog Walking Forecast

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Man Spends Nights Feeding Hungry Cats

One man spends his nights prowling the streets for hungry homeless cats

Internet For Pets

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Agency That Trains Diabetic Alert Dogs Under Investigation

Dogs that are supposed to notify a family when a person is experiencing a sugar low or a sugar high may not actually have those skills a Missouri agency said Heaven Scent Paws are under investigation

Friday, April 11, 2008

Man Credits Dog With Saving Life During Fire

A man says his dog alerted him to a fire raging in his home

Seahorses Return to Thames River

Despite almost vanishing because of pollution seahorses are now back and thriving in London s Thames River April 11

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Raw Rare Twin Red Pandas

Rare twin red pandas were filmed on Friday at Australia s Canberra zoo The male cubs at the National Zoo were born in December but only recently emerged from their den April 11

Reward Offered In Dog Mutiliation Case

Several pet rescue organizations have banded together to offer a reward in the case of several dogs found decapitated at a cemetery in Jackson County

More than 100 buffalo roam in Sempronius 4/10/08

Dog Fight: Boy's Best Friend

Dog to help autistic child not allowed in school

Orlando Science Center Pet Pageant

Take Dogs for Walk to Benefit Cancer Charity

Cat processed coffee

50 a go coffee produced via the faeces of cats goes on sale in Peter Jones

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Deputy Dog Receives Top Honor

A deputy dog named Kroc is on the mend after being stabbed by a suspect and being honored with the sheriff s office s top honor

Dogs Found Living In Nasty Kennel

4 9 08 - Some very big dogs were found in poor conditions in a Sumner County barn authorities said

Tangle Lakes region may become designated as a wildlife refuge

Monday, April 7, 2008

Women Say Deceased Pet To Be Cremated Sent To Landfill

A Spring Valley woman says the remains of her deceased dog were mistakenly sent to the Miramar Landfill

Woman Saved By Dog After Fall

A woman who took a fall at Lake Poway was saved only after her dog brought help

Woman Lives At Shelter To Keep It Open

A woman who has volunteered at the Madison County Humane Society for 13 years is undertaking a decidedly unconventional effort to save the shelter and the animals she loves

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dog's Barking Saves Residents From Fire

4 7 08 - A Franklin couple says they might not be alive if it hadn t been for their pet beagle s barking

50-calorie dog snacks: trick or treat?

There is a definite market for products like this one--but will they help your pet lose weight

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Zoo Opens

One of my favorite books to read when I was a kid was the jungle book
But reading about animals is one thing to actually see them up close is another
And the today the place to see real wild animals was the Tautphaus Park Zoo

Friday, April 4, 2008

Teen Surfer Bit by Shark

A teenager is recovering from injuries after he was bitten by a shark in New Smyrna Beach Authorities say the 18-year-old boy was surfing when he felt something grab his leg April 4

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pain Relievers For Pets

Recent medical advances have made it safer to treat pets in pain For the latest and most current veterinary news visit www MyVNN com

Pet Dentistry

Many people underestimate the importance of pet dental care For the latest and most current veterinary news visit www MyVNN com

Lyme Disease Prevention

Lyme disease can be devastating to humans and pets For the latest and most current veterinary news visit www MyVNN com

Vaccine Technology

New vaccine technology has made getting your pet vaccinated less of a gamble For the latest and most current veterinary news visit www MyVNN com

Girl Attacked by Hawk at Fenway

Woman Bites Pit Bull After it Attacks Her Dog

Good News: Watching for Hawks 04/03/08

Suffering stray dog unable to trust anyone

For two months she s had a rusty chain digging into her neck causing her to bleed Homeless she s been scrounging for food and sleeping in a parking lot Neighbors worry she may not last long without help but no one can seem to catch her

Husband Saves Wife From Crocodile Attack

A man in Northern Australia rescued his wife from a crocodile that held the woman s leg in it s jaws Norm Moreen jumped on its head and poked its eyes April 3

Humane Society With Puppies


Wildlife Safari dedicates new playground

The Cow Creek Tribe Foundation contributes money to build a new playground in the center of the Village at Wildlife Safari

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dog Hits Vans Gas Pedal, Runs Over Child

4 3 08 - A young east Tennessee girl was hurt when she was run over by her family 146 s dog WBIR-TV in Knoxville reported

Fanged fish creating mystery at Brigham City pond

A bizarre find in Pioneer Park Pond in Brigham City has biologists stumped A fish with fangs was discovered now officials are trying to figure out what exactly it is

Pets Tick Troubles

Number of pets tick are increasing Veterinarian recommends how to prevent ticks

Dogs Get Special Treatments?

Legal requirements in losing dogs but not to cats

Rare Lion and Cheetah Cubs Born in Japan

Zoos in Tokyo and Yokohama Japan are celebrating the births of an Asiatic lion and several cheetah cubs April 2

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Most Popular Dog Names

Here are the most popular dog names